Lean Transformation at a Large Medical Device Company

Lean Transformation at a Large Medical Device Company


An international medical device company was experiencing long cycle times and falling yields. Rising costs coupled with intensified competition were eroding market share. Tefen was brought in to implement a lean transformation program and reclaim the client’s competitive position.


• Developed and conducted Lean Training for all levels of organization and trained “Lean Champions” at each site
• Conducted operational assessments at each site using Lean Tools and created a plan to implement findings
• Facilitated implementation of findings in pilot areas at each site
• Created at “Right First Time” mindset within the organization to eliminate defects

Results Achieved

• Cycle times reduced average of 20% across sites
• WIP levels reduced in excess of 30% across sites
• Yields improved as much as 65%
*Specific project results are proprietary. For more information regarding this case study or to request an introductory meeting, email us at info@tefen.com


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