Accounting management- the right way to do it

Account Management- the right way to do it.


  • Help BUDs to focus their finite sales resource on the customers and activities that will drive most value for the client
  • Define an agreed clear process to guide & enable Sales & Marketing Functions to organise & manage their sales processes to be as effective as possible

Build one common process for really different realities ensuring a certain level of flexibilities:

  • Different BUs (Ophthalmology, Neuroscience, Medical)
  • Geography (Developed country vs. Developing countries with direct sales vs. Developing countries with distributors)
  • Lot of inconsistencies across different areas and BUs


  • Preliminary interviews to define the scope of the analysis (building blocks)
  • Focus interviews with BUDs, S&M managers to map current situation cross-BU (Ophth. Vs Neuro Vs Medical) and cross-geographies (Western Europe Vs Emerging Markets)
  • Multifunctional workshop to discuss, agree and validate the model and the communication/dissemination strategy with BUDs and S&M managers


  • Lean sales process guide, very communicative, structured and easy to read
  • Communication presentation to summarise the sales process guide
  • Multifunctional workshop

Let's work together!

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