Improving Work Processes in a Telecommunication Company

Improving Work Processes in an International Telecommunication Company

I. Description

An international telecommunications company was dealing numerous technical issues in its telephony service division, and the supporting call center was unable to provide the immediate response time to its customers.
As a result the long handling times created poor and critical service levels, reduced customer satisfaction, and a loss of long-term revenue.

II. Methodology Tefen defined new detailed work processes, tools, and support services to better handle these technical failures within the center and throughout the organization: • Defined responsibilities for handling complaints in the center. • Defined the process for transferring relevant complaints to technicians. • Defined the turnaround time for handling the failure in accordance with the priorities defined. • Defined a method for documentation, follow-up, and reporting of accumulating complaints to the company's marketing department and other technical parties. • Wrote complementing work procedures and implemented the assimilation of these processes into the organization.

Various Metrics

III. Results Achieved • Increased the percentage of successful customer inquiries (40% improvement). • Shortened the turnaround time for handling international operator failures (from 2 days to 2 hours). • Provided essential data of repeated failures requiring more thorough handling to the relevant departments. Turnaround time and service improvement


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