Formulation of management perception in Cancer Institute

Formulation of management perception in Cancer Institute

Client Description
Management of a cancer center at a governmental hospital. The center is among the most advanced in the country and treats patients from all over the country.

As part of organizational change in the center, the hospital management has set a new administrative model based on presidency of executive partners.
The center`s presidency is required to handle many different subjects such as the center`s future (long and short) and the ongoing human resources management.

Project Goals
Consolidation of the center`s management perception and pouring practical content into the model that wad defined by the hospital management which includes roles division of the center`s management, decision making models, management routines and etc.


  • Definition of management model which transcend existing organizational politics and allows the center to maintain daily routine
  • Insertion of management routines to the medical world
  • Definition of a model that allows on one hand strategic decisions making and on the other daily operational management of the center

How Tefen Helped
Several thinking meetings with the center management occurred, during which diagnosis of existing condition, management and decision making models mapping and different alternative were presented.

Significant issues were discussed during the meetings, such as:
• Definition of the benefits having a unified center (over individual clinics)
• Definition of the presidency roles
• Management model and division of responsibility areas
• Management routines

In addition, a thorough discussion regarding the alternatives was held and decisions regarding the various issues were made.

Tools and Methodologies

  • Henri Fayol`s principles of management theory
  • RACI methodology - displays responsibilities devision between the various factors of center management
  • Decision making models - prioritization of alternatives, weighing alternatives, decision matrix

Practical unit portfolio that defines the organization's policy regarding the roles of the presidency, the management model, the responsibility areas and the management routines by which decisions within the organization are made. 


Let's work together!

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