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May 17 2016
We are happy to announce that Tefen is going Cyber!

Tefen continue to critically observe general trends and anticipate the ones that will impact our clients and therefore offering. In recent years, many industries have increased their attention on the issues of data management and security, a trend that is growing rapidly.

For this reason we have joined efforts with a company already operating in this area, with the objective of creating a truly integrated capability and expand our offering for existing and future clients.

Tefen Cyber Security Consulting will provide solutions focused in the following areas: Cyber Security Strategy, Security Internet of Things, Incident Management Services, Assessment & Architecture, Vulnerability Research, Reverse Engineering, Soc Design, Digital Forensic Analysis, Penetration Testing, IOT Network, New NSV/SDN infrastructures to name some of the most important solutions.

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May 12 2016
Tefen opened its new office in Shanghau, China.

We are happy to announce that Tefen opened its new office in Shanghau, China. 

As for the view from the office, like the office itself – it's a clear win! The picture will give you a sense of the view from the new China office, located in downtown Shanghai.

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Apr 21 2016
Strategic partnership between Tefen ans Trident Leverage Group

We are excited to announce a strategic partnership between Tefen ans Trident Leverage Group. Our partnership brings combined capability synergies and deep expertise across sectors and performance technologies creating unique cutting edge measurable value to clients.
Trident Leverage Group is a well-known expert in Lean Six Sigma transformations with 25+ years of experience across multiple industries. Together, our companies will diagnose, develop and deliver strategic, operational and organizational solutions that enable our clients resolve the widest variety of critical issues they face.

Visit our websites for more updates and industry insights.

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Dec 24 2015
Wishing you successful new year!

Happy holidays from Tefen!

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Nov 29 2015
Global trends in Healthcare Industry Operation - An Interactive Workshop

Tefen hosted an interactive workshop with the Hong Kong Medical and Healthcare Device Industries Association, providing an insight into how leaders in the Western Healthcare Industry address current business challenges using innovative approach to working with the Life Science industry and deploying OPEX. Hosted in Hong Kong, the workshop was facilitated by Eli Pelleg, Tefen's C.O.O

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Oct 13 2015
Tefen is happy to host our Chinese partners - GEI

Tefen is happy to host our Chinese partners, GEI, in their visit in Israel. Later this week they will host a panel in the WATEC-ISRAEL 2015 water Technology & Environment Control Exhibition & Conference in Tel Aviv, discussing the challenges China is facing in the field.

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Sep 24 2015
Tefen’s supply chain breakfast meeting

Benny Klener, Senior VP, Head of Global Operations at Sun Pharma spoke at Tefen’s supply chain breakfast meeting, describing sun pharma's supply chain challenges and Tefen’s project at Sun Pharma

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Sep 13 2015
Tefen was honored to host the HKPC Medical device Delegation from Hong Kong

As part of Deepening the connections and the knowledge transfer between Israel and Hong Kong and with the vision to significantly increase Tefen's operations in Hong Kong by 2020, Tefen was honored to host the HKPC Medical device Delegation from Hong Kong.

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Jun 25 2015
The CII Workshop on The "Secret" of Enhancing Business Performance and Competitiveness

Praises for Micky Granot’s Workshop “The ‘Secret’ of Enhancing Business Performance and Competitiveness”. The workshop, which was held earlier this month in Pune, India, focused on the fundamentals of Theory of Constrains. Roshan Kumar, Executive Office... The workshop, which was held earlier this month in Pune, India, focused on the fundamentals of Theory of Constrains. Roshan Kumar, Executive Office... The workshop, which was held earlier this month in Pune, India, focused on the fundamentals of Theory of Constrains. Roshan Kumar, Executive Office... The workshop, which was held earlier this month in Pune, India, focused on the fundamentals of Theory of Constrains. Roshan Kumar, Executive Office... The workshop, which was held earlier this month in Pune, India, focused on the fundamentals of Theory of Constrains. Roshan Kumar, Executive Office...

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Jun 01 2015
Tefen Italy - “Partnership between Healthcare Service Providers and Industry: a winning model for the future ”

On June 5th in Varese, the Managing Directors of the main Hospitals in the Lombardia’s region and the Leadership of National and International Life Sciences companies  will meet to discuss what form of partnership are possible and necessary to meet the increasing demands of NHS and the wide service/product offering in the scope of increasing new levels of SOC.
"This initiative is born out of the need of an open and transparent dialogue between the two active players" commented Aaroon Lichtenstein, founder and President of  Tefen Management Consulting. “ Our company has been the catalyst  in many Regions of the world between Healthcare Service Providers and Medical Devices and Pharmaceutical companies, with the objectives of increasing the collaboration on multiple levels in order to offer patients innovative solutions in line with the increasing healthcare demands”
The event will be hosted in the FAI Headquarter, Villa e Collezione Panza, piazza Litta 1. Main focus will be the recent evolution of the italian legislation on collaboration between public and private sectors. In particular, participants will discuss how to maximise the relation between cost and effectiveness of therapies by utilising patients pathways that optimise industry offering and hospital services. In agenda also topics like  new approaches to organisational and management models that can derive from the collaboration between NHGS and Industry.
This initiative has met a wide consensus; a large number of pre-registrations have been received most probably driven also by the high calibre of the speakers that Tefen Managment Consulting was bale to gather for the day: Mario Melazzini: Assessore Attività produttive, ricerca e innovazione di Regione Lombardia; Luciano Zanelli: Direttore Generale ARCA; Marco Boni: Collaboratore de "Il Sole 24 Ore Sanità"; Marco Trivelli: Direttore Generale Ospedale Niguarda; Alessandro Colombo: Direttore Generale Eupolis ed Enzo Grossi: Direttore Scientifico Villa Santa Maria di Como, are just some of the names included in the program.

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May 19 2015
Innovate 2015 prize award ceremony

On Tuesday the 19th of May 2015, Innovate 2015 - competition prize awarding ceremony took place.
Innovate is a  prestigious reward in the Israeli marketing field and is been given as a recognition for the most innovative move in the Israeli Marketing field, by the Forum for Marketing Innovation.
Tefen has cooperation with the Forum and Ayellet Globerman awarded the prize  in the retail category to Mesh Branding.

Congratulation to the winners!

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May 05 2015
Mr. Mickey Granot joined Tefen as a partner

We are happy to announce that  Mr. Mickey Granot has joined  Tefen as a partner.

Mr. Granot has more than 25 years of experience in management consulting in vast range of industries with leading organizations worldwide.

Mr. Granot is today the highest authority and the number-one expert in Theory of Constraints( TOC)  globally .

TOC enables companies achieve significant performance breakthroughs in their EBITDA in very short times.

Mr. Granot was the CEO of the Goldratt group , and for more than 10 years implemented the TOC

in first class companies such as ABB, Nike, Adidas, GM,Boeing, Walmart, Delta Airlines and more.

The main goal of Mr. Mickey Granot at Tefen is to develop an updated version of TOC 

which will be accessible to companies of all sizes, and with focus on mid-size companies globally

and to create a "Center of Excellence" for TOC at Tefen including a relevant "Tool Box".

We welcome Mr. Mickey Granot and wish him great success.

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Apr 03 2015
Mr Ayal Zylberman join as investment in Tefen

We are very pleased to announce that Mr Ayal Zylberman, president of Qualitest group, has made an investment in Tefen . The new partnership with allow Tefen to expand its portfolio to the High Tech and IT fields globally.

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Apr 02 2015
Integra group ( ICG ) have joined Tefen

We are happy to announce that the partners of Integra group (ICG),  Mr Omry Yaoz,  Mr Yair Redl and  Mr Katriel Moria, have joined Tefen. The partners bring vast experience in Strategy, Finance and  Operations.

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Apr 01 2015
Tefen started a multiyear project in Beijing TTT Digital Park

We are happy to announce that Tefen started a multiyear project in which it will be in charge of the Construction of the “China-Israel International Hi-Tech Transfer Trade Platform” and produce a Go To Market Strategy plan for the attraction of Israeli Enterprises and startup companies to the Beijing TTT Digital Park.

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Feb 01 2015
Model N & Tefen Partnership

Tefen has entered into partnership with Model N,  a leading provider for Revenue Management Solutions for the Life Science and Technology Industries. Tefen and Model N will jointly design and implement the solutions in Europe.

Attached you can find a link to Model N  website:

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Jan 20 2015
Innovation to Compete Conference conclusion

We are pleased to announce that the conference "Innovate to compete" by Tefen Italy and Emme Delta on November 20th has been very successful with more than 70 attendees. Tefen presented the Blue Ocean Strategy concept and a case study describing Allium Medical experience. The feedback was very positive. We thank all the partners, clients and colleagues that had contributed to the success of the event.

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Nov 20 2014
cResults & Tefen Partnership

We are very pleased to announce that Tefen and cResults entered into partnership to implement SMART-QA, SMART-QC and SMART-QD: software solutions for planning, scheduling and efficiency management to the Life Science and High Tech industries. cResults will be able to expand its reach to Europe and Tefen will be able to provide robust and sustainable solutions to its clients in the areas of planning and scheduling the laboratories and the QA organizations, while addressing other operational excellence challenges to maximize these organizations’ efficiency and overall service levels. Good Luck!

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Nov 16 2014
Tefen and TianTongTai Investment Group (TTT) Strategic Cooperation

On Sunday, November 16 at the National Convention Center in Beijing, Tefen signed an MOU on Strategic Cooperation with TianTongTai Investment Group (TTT).

The event, which was organized by TTT and attended by Israel's ambassador to China, Matan Vilnai and prominent Chinese officials, marked the final development phase of the TianTongTai China-Israel Digital Park.

The Park, led by brothers Rigo and Wenxin Li, covers an area of 75 square kilometers in the south of Beijing. It introduces a unique and innovative concept that brings together enterprises from both countries and promotes scientific, technological, industrial and cultural cooperation. The Park is scheduled to begin absorbing Israeli and Chinese companies in May 2015.

Tefen will partner with TTT and provide full support to the Park's design and implementation.

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Nov 02 2014
TTF: Tefen’s new way of doing consulting

Tefen Task Force (TTF), a team of highly qualified and motivated professionals, temporarily takes direct management of part of the company on behalf of the client in order to reach critical business goals. TTF is highly recommended for Business Development, Product Launch, Cost Optimization, Post M&A integration, Turnaround & Restructuring and IT development.

Click here to visit the TTF page

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Aug 20 2014
Tefen's new office in Sofia

Tefen Europe is happy to announce an exciting phase of it's development with the opening of a new office in Sofia, Bulgaria on August 1st.
The office is located in the heart of  the lovely city. The office will serve as a base for Eastern Europe operations & Business development following the increasing number of our Bulgarian colleagues. Let's wish them good luck!

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Jul 20 2014
Tefen's first foothold in Africa

We are pleased to announce Tefen has put its first foothold in Africa.
Following the successful cooperation with Nihilent in India we have decided together to expand the relationship into South Africa where Nihilent has a large and active base.
To facilitate the relationship and manage the business development activities in South Africa we have signed Ron Ravi as Tefen Associate and our local representative.

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Jul 07 2014
New phase in Tefen's global development

We are pleased to announce an exciting new phase in Tefen's global development, as part of Tefen's long-term strategy. Starting this week, we will have a permanent presence in China and will be providing local and international companies Tefen's full range of service offerings. Following the signing of cooperation agreements with two Chinese consulting companies, Greatwall Enterprise Institute (GEI) of Beijing and CQU Chongda Tonghao Management Consulting of Chongqing, we assign Mr. Adar Pollack as Tefen's local representative in Beijing.

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Nov 26 2011
Business customers breakfasts on “The power of Megatrends”

Two business customer breakfast were held on June, 26th at the Intercontinental Hotel in Düsseldorf and on June, 27th on Dorint-Hotel in Augsburg.

Dr. Heiko Frank, chairman of Tefen Germany, lectured about "The power of Megatrends" with exciting propects into the future and demonstrative examples of the praxis. 

The presentation of the "The power of Megatrends" is available for download here (German version)

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Sep 26 2011
Tefen is going to UMich

Tefen will be attending the University of Michigan SWE Career Fair on September 26th and giving a Corporate Information Session later that evening.

Where: University of Michigan

SWE Engineering Career Fair

When: September, 26th 2011

10:00am-4:00pm EST

Information Session to follow at 6:00pm EST at 1006 DOW

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Sep 20 2011
A business customers breakfast on social media - Germany

A business customer breakfast partnered with the Simmons & Simmons Law Office was held on 20 September 2011 at the Graf-Adolf-Platz 15 Dusseldorf.
Dr. Heiko Frank, chairman of Tefen Germany, lectured about "Social Media - The communicative challenge of our time" with exciting insights into the strategic marketing point of view of social media.

The presentation of the "Tefen Social Media from a strategic perspective" is available for download here (English version).

Opens external link in new windowHere you can find the presentation of Simmons & Simmons about data protection implications of social media and the German presentation of the Tefen Social Media.

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May 05 2011
Brands Index 2011

Tefen formulates the Index using a model developed in cooperation with its partners (Globes and GSE) and combines research on market trends with a field study and price survey.

The decorated journal also includes an editorial by senior partner and GM of the strategy practice in Tefen, Nitza Bartur Sasson, discussing the newly formed partnership between brands and consumers. Another relating article by Bartur Sasson was published in Globes dealing with the fascinating issue of nations branding. 

The 2011 Brands Index is dominated by the rise of internet and technology related brands such as Google, Facebook, Apple and Samsung and reflects the improvement in the consumers' ability to quickly adopt any technological advancement and utilize it to their benefit.

It appears that the relationship between the brand and the consumer is transforming from a monolog to a dialog. Armed with a laptop and a smartphone, the Neo-Consumer is unpredictable, bold and impatient than ever; Navigating the highways using a social cellular App, comparing prices on-line while standing in-line at the cash register, posting his opinions for all to read and joining mega-protests organized on the social networks within minutes.

A new set of rules dictates a necessity for a relationship with the client, based on a personal acquaintance, direct communication, in the right place and time, while aiming to form a genuine partnership. Unsurprisingly, the same brands which strength increased over the last year are the ones that put efforts in their presence in the social media and in founding a dialog with their clients.

 Opens external link in new windowTo read the relating articles (in Hebrew)

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Mar 03 2011
Benchmarking on contamination in biotech

Tefen are benchmarking on contamination rates in biotech production, sponsored by one of the largest global biomanufacturers. If you would like to share your data & see others performance (all anonymous and free) Opens window for sending emaillet us know and we can have a 15mins interview.

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Feb 18 2011
Surgical Services Webinar

Topic: Service Line Excellence: Surgical Services Strategy
Date: Friday, February 18, 2011
Time: 1:00 pm EST

From creating the strategic plan to operational implementation, Tefen will demonstrate some of the tools, models and strategic thinking behind their latest offering. Tefen is focused on working in partnership with healthcare organizations to create value; an approach which leverages client knowledge with Tefen’s objective, independent thinking to achieve sustainable success.

Includes: Quadrant thinking, capacity and resource modeling, Operational factors: efficiency; availability; case mix; Inpatient vs. Outpatient facilities

Elaine Hargreaves, Director at Tefen, operates across Tefen’s four service propositions . Her diverse industry experience includes Healthcare, IT Supply Chain services and products, Central Government (UK), Transportation, Financial Services and Pharmaceuticals to name a few. PhD and MBA (Distinction), including projects on Tesco, Premier Food and Cadburys; six-sigma black belt and a PRINCE 2 Practioner, Elaine is active in strategic change transitions and empowering people to achieve performance; she directs project teams to add value to the client and bring about sustainable change. Clients include; UCLA; Allina Hospitals & Clinics, Merck KGaA, GSK, AstraZeneca, Southeastern Trains & First Bus Ltd.

Thomas Guglielmo, Partner at Tefen, has fifteen years of successful and diverse domestic and international experience in a variety of management, consulting, program management and engineering capacities. Over his career, Mr. Guglielmo has provided consulting services to over 20 hospitals/clinics/medical centers such as Massachusetts General Hospital, Allina Hospitals and Clinics, Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Crouse Hospital to name a few. His efforts have focused on utilizing "Lean" and Six Sigma techniques and methodologies to implement operational improvement programs within both clinical (nursing, ED, OR, etc) and non-clinical (Lab, Radiology, Pharmacy, etc) areas as well as front and back office operations. Tom holds a B.S. degree in engineering from Michigan State University.


Contact Anton Knapp  (646) 652-8259

Sign up following the link below

Meeting Password: strat

Dial: 888.675.6890
Conference # 937.7144.678

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Feb 17 2011
Society for Health Systems Conference and Expo

Tefen will be attending this year Society for Health Systems Conference in Orlando, Florida.  We will be presenting our poster on Hospital Flow Operations Excellence.

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Jan 16 2011
The new winter 2011 issue of the Tefen Tribune is out

The new winter 2011 issue of the Tefen Tribune was published. We invite you to read the interesting interview with Stanley T. Myers, President and CEO of the SEMI organization, and how he perceives the future of the semiconductors. Also in this issue you can find an innovative approach to branch network analysis, an article on human capital strategy and much more.


Tefen Tribune – winter 2011 issue

Subscribe to the Tefen Tribune

Subscribe to our online edition

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Jan 02 2011
Is Pharma Stuck on the Way to Six Sigma?

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Magazine

Tefen is featured in this great article in the January issue of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Magazine entitled “Stuck on the Way to Six Sigma.”

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Dec 12 2010
Israel's Business Conference 2010

Once again this year, Tefen led a session at the Israel Business Conference, Israel's most prestigious business event. Among the participants were leading business figures from Israel and abroad, including Israel's Prime Minister, as well as high-level executives from Israel's largest companies. The conference took place in Tel Aviv in David International Hotel on December 12-13, 2010.
The topic of the session: "The rising power of the consumer in the new era".  

Nitza Sasson, Senior Partner, GM Strategy Practice, Tefen Israel, held Tefen's lecture and led a panel discussion with top business leaders: Blake Chandlee, VP & Commercial Director, EMEA, at Facebook; Ilan Grinboim, CEO of Eurocom (Nokia's Israeli representatvies); Israel Davivd, CEO of Visa Cal; Avi Hochman, President & CEO The Israel Postal Company; David Maimon,  Senior Vice President of Trade & Code Share at El Al Israel Airlines; Zvi Polak, President and CEO of Colmobil Group.

View photos from the event - Israel Business conference 2010

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Jul 07 2010
Tefen to Sponsor 21st Annual IEEE/SEMI Manufacturing Conference

The ASMC will be held at the Marriott Marquis in San Francisco July 11-13, 2010. For over 20 years, the ASMC has filled a critical need in the Semi industry by providing a venue for industry professionals to network, learn and share knowledge on new and best-method manufacturing practices and concepts.

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May 05 2010
Tefen to Proudly Sponsor 3M Championship

Tefen will be continuing its support the medical community as the event will help raise money for Allina’s Abbott Northwestern Hospital, . The tournament will take place from August 2-8, 2010.

For more information, visit the 3M Championship website

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Feb 02 2010
Tefen USA Announces Webinar series with Allina

Tefen USA will be having a series of webinars with Allina to share best practices in PMO and competitive sourcing.

The first in the series, “A PMO Approach to Managing your Operational & Strategic Initiatives”, will feature Allina’s Brian Rice, Director, Strategy & Business Development and Robert Mele, Director, PMO, as they discuss the introduction of a Healthcare PMO at Allina.

“Reducing Costs & Increasing Efficiency” will feature Kim Sorbel, United Hospital Director of Campus Services. This webinar will discuss the benefits of a competitive sourcing methodology.

To learn more about these webinars, please visit our healthcare webinar page.

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Oct 02 2007
Italian Consulting Firm Acquisition Completed

We would like to announce the singing of an agreement on acquiring the overwhelming majority (95%) of equity capital issued by Venture Consulting S.p.A (hereinafter referred to as "VC"), an Italian consulting firm.
The agreement was signed by Tefen Limited, a subsidiary of Tefen Israel, fully (100%) owned by the company. The transaction was completed on October 2nd, 2007.
VC's annual revenues stand at € 5.6 M approximately, whereas the transaction volume is projected to reach € 3.1 M approximately in the course of 3 years, subject to activity results.

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Aug 20 2007
Cash Dividends Payment Report

On August 20th, 2007 the Corporate Board of Directors made a decision on the payment of dividends.

Regulation 37(A) on negotiable instruments (current and periodic reports), 1970

1. This is to inform that on August 20th, 2007 the Corporate Board of Directors made a decision on the payment of dividends

2. The amount paid stands at NIS 3,300,000. The dividend constitutes 125% of the equity issued and matured

3. The date of maturity - August 27th, 2007
The ex. date - August 28th, 2007
Dividends payment date: September 11th, 2007

4. Tax exacted: in accordance with income tax regulations

5. The rest of the corporate revenue as defined in paragraph 302 of Company Law, 1999,
amounts to NIS 12,681,000.

6. The dividends payment authorized by the Board of Directors:
Payment date Payment currency Dividends paid in NIS or another currency per share No. of negotiable instruments
11.09.07 NIS 1.25 673012

7. The number of dormant shares that are not entitled to dividend payment, and for which a letter of waiver is to be issued - 29,034

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